Thursday, May 24, 2012

Increase your Oxygen Levels Today!

Excuse me while I cram food in my mouth. How did it get to be almost 3 o'clock in the afternoon and I not have lunch yet?!  

I have been a very busy beaver today.  I did laundry, changed the linens*, took apart the bathroom sink and removed a clog, vacuumed, returned a shirt, went to the post office, bought some groceries, dusted some punches, and scrubbed the wall behind and below the toilet.  It was totally filthy.  The dust bunnies had crawled up off the floor and stuck to the wall.  I am quite pleased to have it done but got to thinking, like does anyone notice that anyway?  I am so going to look the next time I'm at someone's house! You've been warned.

These are the other two cards I made at the Stampin' Up workshop.

*Regarding changing the linens, we have a sleep by number bed which takes a special mattress pad that costs a bit.  We stopped in the store the other day to enquire about a new one.  It turns out that you have to order them. BUT.. they had a few on clearance from one of the stores that closed.  These had a special "rejuvenation layer" that claims to increase the oxygen level in your body and improve circulation. I kid you not, that is what it says on the packaging!  We bought it because hey, it was a mattress pad and hey, it was only $15.  The cats have been sleeping on it all day, but they won't comment on if they feel more oxygenated or not though.

The Fine Print: Again, it is all Stampin' Up, baby.  The bottom card has stuff from the new catalog, so consider this a sneak preview.

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Di said...

Super cards Judy - I'm so into SU stuff now.

Big grin about the cats - you total nutcase :)