Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nature's a Mother

I'm really tired now.  Today was my stamp club meeting, which always wears me out, but I tacked on lunch with friends, a trip to the craft store, and of course the drive half way across the state and back.  It didn't help that last night I took a trip to the zoo.  The zoo itself wasn't tiring, but waking up in the middle of the night with a faucet for nose after breathing in all that nature including lions, elephants, jaguars, and anteaters really did me in.  It was a two allergy pill night.

Here's a card I tossed together just to prove to myself that I remember how to stamp.  Only, there is no stamping on this card....  Epic fail.  Ah well, I can still glue paper together and that's something!

Time to go recharge my batteries.  No, I mean that literally. The camera said no more go without some recharging. I can relate.

The Fine Print: non-stamped image by Penny Black (came as a freebie image in a magazine), colored in Copics, that's all I know.  That's all she wrote.

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