Monday, December 19, 2011

Wander or Unfinished Business Part II

Yesterday I shared with you a card that I completed after having the parts for it lying around in my crafting space for years.  I actually made several of those cards, changing the greeting around a little bit.  That was not the only unfinished business I took care of.

But first, another true confession: I love card kits.  I love the idea that all the parts are there in one little package for you to play with.  I love to buy them to take with me when I meet friends for crafting activities since I have a hard time thinking up an entire project in advance.  I tend to work as I go and since I can’t bring my whole crafting room with me, it is nice to have a kit to work on.  Um… but I rarely finish up the kits.

That brings us back to yesterday’s post where I said I sometimes start a project and don’t finish it.  I got on a roll working on those floral cards yesterday and decided to finish off a card kit that I started but never finished.  

I remember sitting down at home and starting this kit and enjoying it a lot.  I wondered why I didn't finish the cards off and right away I found my answer.  I had glued some pieces onto the wrong card base and had to pry them off .  I guess that discouraged me because that is where it ended.  The two cards in question are the ones below.  Can you even tell?!  Nope! 
  I changed the wording on the Sweet Home card.  It was to say Welcome Home but I wasn't keen on that phrase being as I don't know anyone who needs to be welcomed back.
I changed this card around from its original design as well, adding the "travel" and "roam" words as I felt the card needed a bit more to it.  Once you give me those alphabet stickers, I'm a mad woman!
I like the gas pump on this card as anyone on a road trip knows the importance of a stop at the gas station. I once read that the little gas pump icon on your dashboard shows you which side of the vehicle your gas tank opening is located on.  If the pump is on the right like the card above it is on the passenger side.  If the pump is on the left the opening is on the driver's side.  Before you commit that to memory, it is false as evidenced by the right handled pump icon in my truck that has a driver's side gas cap.  

That finished off that card kit and now I have some spare cards lying around.  I wish I had done this last weekend because I needed a transportation themed card for a card exchange on Saturday and one of these would have been perfect.  That's me, a day late and a buck-fifty short (inflation, ya'know).

The Fine Print: Wander card kit and extra alphabet stickers by Basic Gray, star punch (roam card) by EK Success). 

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