Monday, December 5, 2011

Reruns and Repeats

Hello, My Name is Popsicle and I will be your guest columnist again today because my momma has lumpies in her belly.  She wanted to show you some reindeer cards but that can wait until she's feeling betters.  Today I will show you what she maded yesterdays after her belly was aching.  Maybe you've seed some of these cards before but now they have some stories.

This card is a tag card that she was going to do a series on showing you folks who don't like tags outright that you could put them on cards and they would look prettys.  But she never made more than this one card so that didn't happen.  She really liked this card though and had more of that background paper so she decided to make more.  Those threads in the tag are embroidery floss and it is 5-1/2 inches long.  Mom said that was good info to know.  This is a good card to make to use up some of those bigger blings too.  Anyways, she had enough papers to make 12 more cards like this but that was too manys, so she made 6 more.
This other card Mom made and thought it was cool.  The card itself is printed with that background.  Mom just happend to find some more of those cards in her stash so she made some more of them.  She had 4 more cards like that so now we have 5 all the same. I was going to say more about this card but I forgotted.  Oh yeah, It says "Season's Greetings" on the inside so you can send it to people who are allergic to the words "Merry Christmas."

This other card Mom made a long time ago but she finded another piece of paper just like the first one.  This card is deceptively hard to make.  It was hard to color the edge of the greeting because it was a brush pen and my Mom is twitchy.  Those holly leaves were hard too because we didn't have any dark green papers but little bitty scraps.  It is a die cut thingy that is all long with berries and we had to put our scraps on just right and then cut them up.  When we made the card a second time we did betters because we learned from the first card.  Now Mom has an original Copic marker with a firm tip and she colored it before cutting it out.  Also, we had lots of dark green papers in the Christmas box and Mom is a pro at cutting out them holly leaves now.

So maybe the point of this story is when it is almost time to mail out cards and you don't have enough, you should make some reruns over and over because you already know how to make them gooder.  Mom and me have 73 Christmas cards now including the one with the naughty dog pee-peeing on the snowman, so maybe we can't send that one to nobody, but that's a lot.  73 is more crunchies than I got probably all week.  Well I have to get back to my bird watching now.  I am good at identifying them which I hear is what bird watchers do.  I saw some brown birds and I saw some gray birds today.

The Fine Print: Don't eat an apple when your belly is already aching, Mom says that is good info to know. Snowman, greeting and blue ribbon by A Mews Studio, blue paper by DCWV, and blings by Recollections.  Coffee snowman by A Mews Studio and greeting by Hero Arts, die cut  eyelet square by Spellbinders, card by DCWV, and scraps ribbon (how can it be scraps when you have 3 rolls, Mom?). Holly berry die by Sixxiz, Tis the Season and red ribbon by A Muse Artstamps, blings by Recollection, and paper by Basic Gray.

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Squirrel x said...

Howling with laughter here this morning (at 6.30am) - how have I not discovered your world of insanity before?! We have bird identification similar to that too - small brown job, medium brown job, small black job etc. Great quick cards hun, even with a bad tum! Hugs Sxx