Monday, December 26, 2011

Today's Post

My original goal for the day was to go in search of my crafting table top, but somewhere along the way I decided that was boring.  Instead, here are some more cards from my snow kit.  Speaking of the snow kit, check out my giveaway in yesterday's post where I am offering up a chance to win the shaped cards and left over parts (there are still plenty!) from that kit.

The previous day when making snow cards I went in search of some fun foam snowflake shapes to add to my cards.  I didn't find them in the obvious places which means either I used them already, never really owned them in the first place and it was all a big hallucination, or that I put them in a not-so-obvious place.  Any of those are a possibility.  Instead I did find the snowman sticker package and of course I HAD to use him.  I'm quite pleased with how that card came out.  The other card is no slouch either.

Then I fast forwarded several holidays and made an Easter card.  Yesterday I received a gift of an iris folding book.  I really wanted that particular book because it offered general iris patterns.  The general patterns were a large square and a large triangle so you place any opening over it and make it into an iris fold.  I have wanted that for quite some time.  I even tried making my own (no bueno).  Now I have those patterns plus a tutorial on how to draw my own so I can be an iris fold fool!    For some reason an egg came to mind as the first thing to try out with my new book.  The pattern I used is the general triangle shape.  My egg was originally bordered by a gold sticker border, but that peeled off in the night.  I guess it wasn't happy trying to maintain an egg shape.
The Fine Print: Snow kit by Annie's Attic, mittens stamp by Imaginisce, snowman and flake stickers by Sandylion, Iris Fold book: The Simplicity of Iris Folding by Sarah Decker, gold stickers by unknown and greeting stamp by AMuse Artstamps. 


Georgiana said...

Your cards look great. That Iris fold looks so complicated. Maybe I should add it as a goal for the new year...learn how.

Happy New Year,
Carson's Creations

Carla said...

These are great! Love the wintery blues, and the iris folds are cool!