Thursday, December 29, 2011

Totally Hip

Remember my December 25th post where I offered a giveaway of the shaped cards and left over bits from the Snow Kit?  I went to bed last night and failed to announce the winner.  The winner was Sandee!  So soon snowflakes and the like will be winging their way to her.

Sometime last night I woke up because someone was whimpering,like a sad little "oooooooo".  Then I realized it was me!  Then I realized it was because my hip hurt really bad.  In my semi-sleep state I pondered it for awhile before deciding that maybe rolling off of it was the key to happiness.  While it helped, it wasn't a total cure and I spent the remainder of the night not sleeping well because of the pain.  That means only one lone card to share with you today because I took a big, long nap instead of crafting.  I napped with my hip on a heating pad to help it be happy again.  Well, it wasn't really a heating pad; it was the cats' electric blanket, which they were nice enough to share.  They aren't sharing now though.
The Fine Print: Bird tri-fold card made with a card base from Annie's Attic and bits of flotsam and jetsam I had lurking around.  Backgorund stamp by A Muse and glittery birds paper most likely by DCWV.

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