Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Four By Fun

Remember yesterday how I said too bad that I didn't finish up those Wander cards the previous weekend so I would have a transportation themed card for a card exchange this past weekend?  It isn't that I didn't have a card made for the exchange, in fact I made it an entire month in advance.  The problem was that I couldn't find it.

Yeah, that's the card right there----------->
When I made this card my hubby asked me if I was making that for a birthday card for my little brother. I said no.  Once I couldn't find it I wondered if I did send it to him, except for I bought him a card to send for his birthday (sacrilege I know, but it was really funny).  Then I don't think I sent him the bought card after all because it was kind of a political statement funny thing and not really up little bro's alley.  However, if I didn't send him the store bought card, what did I send him?  Must have been the truck card!  But now that I have found the truck card, there is no telling what I sent him at all, or if I sent him anything.  That would kind of suck though since it was his 40th birthday and that's kind of a milestone thing.  You know, all downhill from here and all that.

Anyway....  am I the only one who has no clue what I'm doing?!

The Fine Print: background stamps by Stampendous, truck by unknown.

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