Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tag! No, You're It!

I have pondered the latest A Muse Studio challenge since it was posted on Monday.  The challenge was to make tags.  I'm really not much of a tag making person.  I recently made tags for a one-layer challenge and  even though I was proud of myself for not only making, but actually using those tags I was rather tagged out. But in the spirit of the challenge, I thought I'd come up with something.

And I thought that all week until yesterday when the light came on!  Calendar tags!  I make them every year.  I totally forgot about them this year and that's kind of a bummer because I usually send them out with holiday cards but many cards have left the building without a tag enclosue.  Ah well.... 

These tags take the a|s challenge up on its offer that your entry does not have to include A Muse products.  Check them out:

Now, I'm really tagged out.

The Fine Print: Shipping tag base from Office Max, patterned paper from various companies, mini calendars from

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Tami said...

how fun are these? Thanks for sharing!