Thursday, December 15, 2011

Super Fast Tag Cards

Yesterday evening I had a dinner with some crafting friends and the night before I thought that would be a good time to hand out their cards for The Holiday That Shall Not Be Named.  The only problem with that is I hadn’t actually made the cards yet.  I had a lot of cards already made but since I suspect (or maybe it is only wishful thinking) that they check out my blog on a regular basis I wanted to give them cards they hadn’t already seen.  Plus I thought it would be nice to make cards with tags on them since we had a lot of fun making tags together one evening.

I gathered up my stuff and took a moment to do a little figuring.  Our reservation was for eleven, but I knew one person couldn’t make it, I didn’t have to make a card for my husband and I, and I didn’t need to make a card for the child who was coming as I could just include some stickers and goodies into his mother’s card.  So let’s see…. eleven minus those subtractions comes to TEN!   Yes!  Don’t ask me how that math worked out but it must be new math.  So with no time left, I set out to make 10 cards.  You saw a couple of them in yesterday’s post and here are some more. 

The Fine Print: Stamps and snowflake die by A Muse Studio, papers by DCWV...  like any of this is a shock to you.  AND 11 minus 4 is 7.  Really.

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Tracey Potter said...

Fantastic Cards! What a lovely surprise for your craft buddies. It's feeling a lot like Christmas now!

Thanks for the blog visits and comments, much appreciated! My mystery secret is up for PPF on the blog.

Take care xx