Sunday, December 4, 2011

One Layer 72 Challenge

This past Wednesday, Susan posted the latest One-Layer challenge.  You can read about it HERE as well as see all the other entries (in her sidebar).  I love Susan's Simplicity blog and find a lot of inspiration in her posts, which as soon as you look at my blog and my cards I'm sure makes you say, "Huh?!"  Yeah.... so I don't actually make simple cards like she does, but I do so find them so awesome to look at!  It is kind of like how I love going to people's houses where they live a minimalism lifestyle--lots of open space; cool, clean lines; lots of wallspace; tonal colorings; minimal furnishing.... but I don't live it.  I love my cluttered, filled to the brim, yeah-well-so-it-doesn't-match, multi-colored, everything is everywhere house. 

Challenge #72 was to make a one-layered card (obvious that).  And we could only utilize a sentiment for the image--no other stamps or embellishments were allowed!   And we had to use a non-standard size for our cards.  And we had to make at least two cards using that same sentiment stamps but varying something (color, type of ink, technique, placement of the stamp, size of card, etc.).  AND we had to stand on one leg while making it. AND we had to sing the National Anthem.   Okay, I probably made those last two up.

Susan suggested using a sentiment stamp with flair so it wouldn't seem so plain and bland.  I thought about this challenge since it was posted and suddenly the lightbulb came on!  I would use one of my new A Muse Studio sentiments beacuse they were fancy and groovy all by themselves.  I had three to chose from, but after considering the non-standard size bit I setteled on "Noel."

My cards are both 4-1/4" square.  What you can't see in my scan of them--and it's really a pity--is that this is not plain white cardstock.  It has a very subtle blue grid pattern on it.  You can't see it in person until you are close up on the card and I think that gives it an added zing.

Susan also suggested that if this challenge gave us huge palpitations, we should make the card, scan it for the challenge and then go back and add more to it so we could use it.  Once I read that, I thought that would be the route I would go.  Now that I've made my clean and simple Noel cards, I'm not so sure.  I am quite pleased with them the way they are.

Two questions:  What would you think to receive this in the mail?  Do you say "No-El" or "No-Well"?  Having twin cousins named Nick and Noel (No-El) I say it No-El.

The Fine Print: Noel stamp by A Muse Studio "Vintage Holiday Greetings," green ink by Memories "Hunter Green," red ink by Marvy "English Red," sorry no idea where the mini graph paper cardstock came from.


Sheela Will said...

Love them! Glad you pointed out there is a faint pattern to the paper. That would definitely jazz it up some. I think my favorite is the red one but it's hard to say, not being able to see the faint blue lines. Very nice on both, though!

Susan Raihala said...

Wonderfully CAS cards...please don't mess with them by adding stuff. For me? Pretty please? I've been jonesing for that A Muse set and you may make me cave! Thanks for playing the challenge!