Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Grocery List

Yesterday my hubby left the grocery list out and I was so tempted to just cross everything out and write in such delicacies as hot dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches, and wrinkled potato chips. I believe I was feeling in touch with my inner grade schooler.
Which made me ponder what did I eat as a grade schooler?  I can say that I brought my lunch, made by my mom, to school during grade school. In the younger grades it was very rare that I ever bought my lunch from the cafeteria, which is fine because icky cafeteria food. As I got older we started being informed what the cafeteria would be offering that week so I'd be sure to hit up mom for lunch money when they were having hamburgers. I could have lived on hamburgers as a grade schooler. Who are we kidding? I could live on hamburgers now.
I brought my lunch in a lunchbox and not a paper sack. It was the same lunch box for years and years until it needed replacing. I didn't get a new one every school year. For a long time it was Scooby Doo with the Mystery Machine and cast of characters on it. That's the only one I remember. I don't remember using the thermos or what was in it but I must have. I'm such I drank something and being allergic to milk it certainly wasn't that. I never had that short squat thermos looking thing that held soup but I remember a friend of mine had soup for lunch quite often.
As for what was in the lunchbox, there was almost always a sandwich. Most often it was peanut butter and jelly (always a classic and still a favorite), sometimes cheese (not grilled, just cheese), bologna, and sometimes it was braunschweiger. I often had carrot and/or celery sticks wrapped in tin foil that would crunch like the dickens. Once in awhile I'd get a pickle or pickles. I often would get a pouch of potato stix, which I think back in those days were one of the only snack sized item sold. Other times I get a few saltines, Ritz or other crackers in a baggie or those cheese 'n crackers with a red stick to apply the cheese. Sometimes I'd  get a candy bar or a few cookies also in a baggie. A real treat was to find a box of animal crackers in there. I was supposed to bring the baggies and foil back to reused and did so dutifully.
After writing all this I figured out why I am so bad at adulting. I can't get over the kid stuff! We're at a fancy steak place and I'll have the hamburger. Not sure what's for dinner?  PB&J wins that battle every time. Instead of the steamed veggies...  can I have raw ones instead? Looking for a snack? Pickles are awesome! Or cheese! Or crackers! Or cheez 'n crackers! Have this high end cake from a name brand bakery?! No, I'll have these fig newtons... Ah! So much has been illuminated!

The Fine Print: Surely it must be time for lunch by now? Cards 'n parts from Club Scrap, old kit stuff with a few items from my stash thrown in. 


LesleyG said...

funny how we all talk of school dinners......not all good! pretty papers on your lovely makes, great sentiments too xxx

cotnob said...

Fabulous cards Judy, some brilliant sentiments.

Bad Kitty (Fiki) said...

love all your cards!
they are so pretty!

Heidi Stamps said...

Your cards are so pretty. Great color combo for anyone!

I mostly bought lunch in grade school. I think my least favorite was the mexican pizza. Not even sure what that was. In middle school some how we were allowed to buy ice cream sandwiches instead of lunch so I did that frequently. Lol

Barb said...

You've been on a roll again with your cards Judy and used some pretty papers. I love the colour combos.

It was interesting reading about your school lunches. Much of the food wouldn't have been familiar to me. I didn't have an option for lunchtime. We paid one shilling for dinner and pud and although it was hot and certainly substantial I didn't enjoy the meals very much except for a few special favourites. We had lots of soggy cabbage it always seemed to me and lumpy swede. I love swede now mashed with butter and pepper.

Dinner money was paid on Monday mornings for the whole week. There's not much that I could buy now for the whole of the weeks dinner money in those days. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Barbxx

Carol L said...

Fun cards and big thanks for the memories about school lunches! My favorite sammich was one my mom "invented" I think. Buttered bread with potato chips inside, smashed flat for holding and eating. LOL Somehow we both managed to grow into adults in spite of it all...........sigh :)

Greta said...

Love hearing you reminisce! Just wish I could remember my grade school days--haha! Love these beautiful cards, Judy--wonderful quotes!

Maxine D said...

What gorgeous cards Princess J - love the sentiments on the first two, and the colour scheme you have used on them all is wonderful.
Yes, we had lunch boxes with sandwiches, fruit and a biscuit (homemade). A bought lunch was unheard of for us!!

Bonnie said...

Now I'm remembering school lunches. PB&J is still a favorite and if I can have chips, I'm happy! Love your cards by the way. Especially love the sentiment on card two!

Janeen said...

So pretty. I especially like the little band of flowers going across the one.