Wednesday, November 16, 2016

One Sheet What the Heck

So once upon a time I was poking around the Internet and found a pattern for a 6x6 One Sheet Wonder set of cards.  One sheet wonders are when you take one sheet of designer patterned paper and cut it up in such a fashion that you get a whole bunch of cool cards out of it.
I'm more familiar with the ones made from 8.5" x 11" sheets of paper but I could see a 6" x 6" pattern being useful as well so I printed it out. The other day I finally decided to try it out, so I chopped up my patterned paper and then...
Well then... I wondered what the heck I was doing. The template calls for chopping your 6x6 paper into little bits that you layer and then put a focal point on top. I had to sponge each little piece otherwise they got lost once I layered them up over each other. Plus the pieces were so small they didn't really do much for the card. I added another larger layer of DP into the mix as a background and changed out some of my small bits of designer paper into solid paper.
The cards came out fine once I made my substitutions and added in a greeting. However, I was pretty much not impressed with this one sheet wonder pattern. If it has any merit at all it shows a good way to use up little tiny scraps of DP, which doesn't interest me much (I know what a trash can is and how to use it).  So there you have it. Feel free to share your favorite OSW pattern or website with me.
The Fine Print: Flower stamps by Hero Arts, Hey There greeting by Stampin' Up, designer papers from my stash. 


SARN said...

Well I like the cards you made with the OSW layout with your tweeks!

I've tried OSW's with larger paper . . . and they look great altogether in a set . . . but then when you consider each one individually, you have to wonder if you would ever have made that card in the first place! I haven't tried it since!

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Carole said...

Judy...this post made me smile! I've never tried OSW, but like the idea. x

Janeen said...

Interesting to use small DP for this technique. I think your cards turned out great but yeah i have ennough scrsps without cutying up a full piece to just make scraps.

Maxine D said...

hmm - my paper is too precious to cut into scraps to make cards - I have enough scraps to do it anyway!! Love your results, and can see why you sponged all the edges or they really would have been 'lost'.

Craftychris said...

Your cards have turned out fabulous with your alterations! Love the vibrant colours. I would rather use scraps than cut up a new sheet for this technique - I haven't found the bin yet! xxx

Heidi Stamps said...

I think that these are really pretty. The little bits of dark card really add the perfect accent to make the cards outstanding. I like the patterned papers too. I have never tried the one sheet wonders before. I have so much paper, I am not sure I need to conserve.

cotnob said...

A fabulous collection of cards Judy - pretty toppers.

Carol L said...

I haven't done a OSW set of cards in ages, but I really like these! The colors are great together, and I still have the paper pad with the pattern on your last card! Hah! I couldn't even guess how long I've had that one!

Greta said...

I love your cards--very pretty papers! I agree about the scraps--generally they should go in the wastebasket!

ionabunny said...

Interesting papers and patterns. Especially like the last one. I used the OSW technique and 8" paper and made a set of cards I was really pleased with. Check them out here

Then the next day I made a matching folder cos I still had a bit of the dp left and was even more happy. Check it out here

Just looked at the photo of the folder filled with cards and noticed the dog looks like he was decapitated!! Still love the rooster and frank though. Thanks for sharing your cards and your thoughts. I always think patchwork is like that. Take a large piece of fabric. Cut it up into little bits. Sew them together to make a large piece of fabric!!! But sometimes the result is prettier than the start so it's got to be a win.

I have scraps. Many people would call them rubbish but I often find myself reluctant to give up on them. I am sure I will need them tomorrow. Hugz