Tuesday, April 30, 2013


My husband and I went to the Greatest Show on Earth one time (that's the circus, guys, not the strip club) by ourselves.  We had a great time, bought slushies in souvenir mugs, cotton candy, and a plush elephant toy.  We also had ringside seats so we had a good view.  We both noticed that other adults gave us mildly concerned puzzled looks.  We started wondering about it and decided that they were looking at us and thinking, "Do these two know that their children have wandered off?"  I'm sure it didn't help that a couple of seats next to us were empty.
Little did these people know that we were the children.  We went to the circus again the next year but we took along a friend's child so we wouldn't worry the other adults.  You know, we didn't want to spoil their good time.  I have no idea why that story popped into my head but it did.  And then I had words to put in this post.  Isn't that just the second greatest thing on earth?

The Fine Print: No elephants or small children were harmed in the making of this post. All stuff by Club Scrap "Birds of a Feather" kit.  Sorry if this is a rerun card.  It was in my pending folder and I was too lazy to check it out.


Squirrel x said...

LOL, this happens to us all the time at the cinema when we toddle off to see the latest Pixar or Dream Works movie. Hugs Sxx

butterfly said...

I love that story - especially the two empty seats! Brilliant that the two of you have your inner children so near the surface!! And a lovely card too...
Alison x