Sunday, April 21, 2013

Birds are Just Like People

I learned something this weekend: wild birds are just like people.  Yesterday I found some very old trail mix in the cupboard.  Rather than just toss it out I poured it into the bird feeder out back.  Lots of svelte songbirds came to eat, as did the slim cardinals as they love that fancy non-seed stuff.  Today I had some left over popcorn so I poured that into the bird feeder.  Within minutes lots of overweight doves showed up to eat it.
See!  It is just like the people.  The anxious slender folks love their trail mix and fat and happy people love their buttered popcorn!  This proves that it is all Mother Nature's doing.  Some of us were born to be sleek cardinals and others of us were born to be pudgy doves.  We shouldn't fight it. 

The Fine Print: Remember that it isn't nice to fool Mother Nature.  So on that note, someone pass me a cookie.  Card parts, cut out, and bird by Club Scrap "Birds of a Feather" kit.  White rick rack by unknown.  And some of us were born to be annoying pigeons, but that's a other story for another day.

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