Friday, April 12, 2013

Cute Little Book

The other day my crafting friends and I got together and we made these little books called mini maze books out of a 12x12 piece of cardstock.  We used plain cardstock so we didn't have to worry about getting things cut and folded right to make a pattern be the right way around, but the project this was based off did indeed have this concern.
We added fancy covers to our books and decorated them with goodies from the latest Club Scrap kit.  These mini maze books are made to be held shut with a ribbon.  The sample our teacher made had the ribbon held on via the back cover only.  You would wrap it around the front to tie.  I decided to adhere mine down under the front cover as well because I didn't want it to cover up the design on the front.

Hey, if you want to see how the book is made, you can check out this tutorial from Club Scrap HERE.  There is also a free download where you can download and print our your own mini mini maze book.  Since this is designed to be printed on an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper this mini book will be smaller than the ones we made in class.  It will give you the idea of how to make it and you should be able to easily transfer that idea to a 12x12 sheet.

The Fine Print:  Probably everything is Club Scrap because our teacher is a very generous person who is willing to share her Club Scrap goodies with us, including letting us each have a packet of squished bottle caps with epoxy stickers, our choice of cut outs (the cover pieces), fancy velvet paper, and a large packet of sticky pearls.  I didn't decorate the inside of my book yet, but the other ladies did with stamps and washi tapes.  I'll do mine soonish.  Probably.

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butterfly said...

I love handmade books, and this is so lovely - a great Ex Libris too!
Alison x