Sunday, April 14, 2013

Inside your Hug?

You know how I'm always saying that I get stamp kits and then tend to only make one or two cards from it at any given time?  Well, that's not always true.  You see, sometimes I get stamp kits in the mail and I'm too busy to play at all and then the next thing you know it is almost a whole year later.

I have been hugged before in my life but only once qualifies me for  being inside of one.  There was some team-building exercise at work and we were to hug at the end.  I held back not being the huggy type, but the HR lady hunt me down, like a tigress stalking her prey.   "Let me hug you!"  She grabbed me and pulled me close.  To say that this lady was bosomy is an understatement.  I disappeared right inside her hug like I was enveloped by a soft pillow.  It was a most excellent hug.  After that I refused all other hugs saying no one could top that one.  Besides, who wants to hug their coworkers?  I mean, besides our former Top Dawg who got run out of town on a rail for much more than being huggy.

The Fine Print: All pieces and parts from Club Scrap "Serrano" from July 2012.


Darnell J Knauss said...

Awww, I LOVE this, PJ! Your description of that hug was wonderful! I was right in there with ya!!

Di said...

Hi PJ, hilarious! It takes a long while to recover from a hug like that! Love that sentiment all the same :)

Hugs,(or maybe a handshake instead?) Di xx

Squirrel x said...

I couldn't promise you a hug of that calibur but you are always welcome to a furry squirrel hug any time you like! Loving that sentiment, and a gorgeous little card. Hugs Sxx

butterfly said...

Fabulous sentiment, great card, wonderful story! Who could ask for anything more?!
Alison x