Friday, April 19, 2013

Double Dog Dare Ya

If you are a cardmaker then I'm sure you have heard of an easel card.  There are different styles of easel cards including an angled one and the ever-popular full frontal.  I guess one easel just isn't enough for the likes of us because now people have gone on to invent double and triple easel cards.
Here is a double easel card that I made at a workshop earlier this week.  Actually, it isn't a card, it is just the card topper.  This whole thing is made to be adhered to a card if you so desire.  I thought it was quite the fun project and easier to make than one might suspect.  Then again, I didn't have to cut out all the pieces for it.  We were given a demonstration on how to cut out some of the pieces using just butterfly wing dies.  It definitely takes some thought to cut out and to assemble.
Here is an angled view so you can see the "easel" parts better. That flower on the wire sticking out from the right of the butterflies does serve a purpose other than being decorative.
See!  That little flower on a wire helps keeps the butterflies flat.  Although the flower itself isn't particularly flat.  Work with me here! 

The Fine Print: Almost all the everythings by Stampin' Up.  The larger butterflies were a Sizzix die that may or may not be one SU sells.  This is a fun card but don't expect me to start cranking them out.


Krisha said...

Very interesting! I'm not much of an easel card person, they get to be a little bit too much. I do like what you did with your butterflies.

Craftychris said...

ooh this is gorgeous! I don't think I would try it myself though - too scary! xx

butterfly said...

Wow, wow, wow - I LOVE it!!
Alison x