Wednesday, April 17, 2013

No One Told Me

Here's another card from the Serrento kit.  I have one more card from that kit (so far) to share with you but since it is the one I sent to my mom for her birthday, you'll have to wait until her birthday to see it.  Don't panic, you don't have long to wait, just one more day!
The other day I was talking to a coworker who now works at a different campus than me.  She was bemoaning about one of the guys she supervises.  She said that he doesn't do anything unless you tell him to.  She is constantly having to remind him of his next scheduled task.  "You are supposed to be doing on-line advising now."  "You are supposed to be doing student appointments now."  "You are supposed to be at that training now."  She said he trots off and does the work willingly and does a good job but she has to remind him each and every time. 

My coworker also said that he can sit next to an empty rack of brochures or an empty copy machine and it never dawns on him to get up and fill it. After she said that, I replied, "Oh!  So he is just like a husband!"  We both laughed until tears came out our eyes.  She told me that not only does he act like a husband in that regard, he has the exact same husband response when asked why he didn't do something that needed to be done, "Nobody told me."

The Fine Print: And that is the real reason God invented women.  Nobody has to tell them to get shit done, they just do it.  All the card stuff by Club Scrap.


Anonymous said...

Sheesh. SO true. I love your card for today stamping princess! :-)

Di said...

And never was a truer word spoken - love it PJ!! :))

Hugs, Di xx

Krisha said...

Hi PJ,
This is a stunning card! Love the colors and the LO is wonderful. I have had co-workers (male version) that have used the words "Not my JOB) Needless to say he did what I asked out of sheer embarassment!!

butterfly said...

Oh dear... at least you laughed cos otherwise you'd be crying!! Great card!
Alison x