Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Dapper Man

I am thinking that this may be the card I'll have my stamping pals make this week.  I rather like it  I really adore this stamp even though it is part of a Father's Day set and I have no daddy to send a card to.  And the cats aren't really into sending a card to my hubby, although the kittens have both tried their hand (paw?) at stamping, having walked though an inkpad.

Here is a math problem for you.  Not only is it a math problem, it is a math WORD problem.  I'm sorry to do this to you but my math abilities aren't up to it.  I used to own two Tim Holtz rulers.  One was in my travel bag and one was on my desk (1+1=2).  However, I broke the one in my travel bag because it stuck out and got caught on something (2-1=1).  I had to shuffle the one remaining ruler between my bag and my desk all the time and that caused me to whine because there was a reason I had two of them in the first place.  Then my hubby took pity on my and bought me a new Tim Holtz ruler (1+1=2, right?).  So how come I only have ONE Tim Holtz ruler now?  Apparently I now live in some alternate universe where 1+1=1 because I am still shuffling one ruler back and forth between my new travel bag (bigger to accommodate rulers) and my desk.

Either that or my hubby just lovingly wrapped up the ruler I already owned and gave it to me as a gift as part of some diabolical plan.  If so, it has worked for several months but now I'm on to him.

The Fine Print: Can you say 'gas lamping' kids?  I knew you could!  Dapper man stamp by A Muse Studio from the "Father's Day" set, card stock wasabi petite polka dot and plain, onxy, and silver brads.

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