Saturday, May 27, 2017

Rounding Up

It's like this. once upon a time several of us were talking about the cost of those giant rolls of foam tape that you can buy at Office Max. I made the comment that I love those rolls but that the $40 cost was a bit breathtaking. One other lady took exception to my comment. "They aren't $40, they are like $34.99, plus some tax" she exclaimed.

To me though, if you hand over two twenty-dollar bills to someone and all you get back is a enough to buy... well, functionally nothing, that's spending $40.

So my boss is out of town now, but before she left I reminded people who were doing things that required her approval that she'd be gone for three weeks. Everyone retorts back, "She told me two  weeks."
Let's do that math. we'll even make it easy. She'll be back June 13th, so 12 days in June is almost two weeks all on its own plus the 6 days in May she's been gone. Why, by jove that adds up 18 whole days. I suppose that isn't really 3 weeks but it sure as hell ain't 2 weeks either.

And you know, she isn't going to breeze into the office on the 13th and approve everything in sight. Mostly likely she'll sit at her desk all dazed and jet lagged until the first meeting, which runs into the next meeting and the next and maybe a couple of days later she'll get around to approving all those things that were turned in during her absence even though there was no reason you couldn't have gotten off your lazy ass and turned them in before she even left.

Anyway, it's the weekend, why are we talking about work??

The Fine Print: Card from a workshop long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away.


Fiki said...

card is so nice!
have a nice day

SARN said...

Sounds like you've had a "fun" week at work PJ!

Anyhoo . . . loving this card. Of course it has a crown on it . . . you are, after all, a PRINCESS!

Hugs, Sarn x

Maxine D said...

Oh the joys of paid employment - and 'rounding' - either up or down!!
Love your card - it reflects you beautifully Princess J

Bonnie said...

If you got your stuff approved you can just sit back and laugh! Wow, 3 weeks is a long vacation! BTW, love the crown!