Monday, May 22, 2017

Happy Mail Monday May 22

Since last week had such a glutton of birthday cards to share I saved the swap cards from then to share today. Here they are!
And here is this week's swap cards and a RAK from my friend. She sent it to me after I started whining about how now that I'm older people might start expecting me to act like an adult.
The birthday cards continue to trickle in, prolonging the celebration.
The Fine Print: Isn't it fun to keep the postal service in business?!


Carol L said...

What a fun collection of cards...........I'm cracking up over the kitty with the fish bones LOL

Maxine D said...

What a fabulous groups of cards Princess J - you really do your bit to keep the postal service going :-)

Carole said...

How wonderful to get so many lovely cards in the mail! All beautiful! x

LesleyG said...

Fabulous collection from fabulous friends x

Fiki said...

wonderful happy mail!