Monday, January 20, 2014

What is a Snippet?

To me a snippet is a piece of something larger such as a hunk of ribbon as opposed to the whole roll. A snippets can be that one odd-ball epoxy brad you have or even a stash of 5 regular brads.  It can be that image you stamped but never used, or even the one you stamped and colored.  Snippets can be die cuts or the left over paper from die cutting out of it.  They can be random embellishments that have been abandoned on your desk.  They can be previously punched out objects.  They can be that package of charms you won in a raffle.  To me snippets are the black sheep of the crafting world, often over-looked but collecting like dust bunnies in the corners of your crafting space, the left over bits and bobs.

One thing that does not count as s snippet in my world are quarter sheets (A2 card sized) of designer paper.  That's because that's how I cut my patterned paper up.  You get four quarter sheets from an 8.5 x 11" sheet of paper and six from a 12x12" sheet.  It is rare that I use all four or six at once so I put the unused ones away in their proper places until I need that color or design again.

Yet, I call this card a snippet card because of its background paper:
Sure it is a quarter sheet of patterned paper but it was not in its proper place and that makes it a snippet in Judylandia.  This ridiculous orange and black plaid piece has been wandering around various places in my craft room since October.  It missed the boat, or in this case bin, and never got put away.  I'm too lazy to drag the Halloween bin out of the closet to get it put away.  Instead this sheet of paper has drifted around here and there constantly turns up when I don't want it to.

So I decided to put it to use and be done with it.  And just in case the gals at Pixie's Playground don't feel it counts as a snippet, all the other pieces are snippets too.  The speckled white (which doesn't look so speckled in this photo) is just a random hunk as is the dark gray under it.  The black ribbon is from my box of loose pieces of ribbon.  The orange brads were pulled out of a tin of various orange brads (found two that matched!).  The bats were die cut from a mere scrap.  This is a total snippet card even if it is for a holiday that is a long way off.

The Fine Print: Stamp by Penny Black, die cut shape by Stampin' Up (the trick for the gray layer is to trace around the die you cut with and then cut it out, that's how you get a slightly larger layer, yes I learned that from someone else's blog), die cut bats by A Muse Studio colored with a glitter pen, ribbon and brad from my stash.  I wonder if I can muster up the energy to drag the Halloween bin down out of the closet to put this card away????  Don't hold your breath.


Georgiana said...

You are too funny! What else goes on in Judylandia!?! : ) Your card is way cute!

Stay Creative,
• Carson's Creations •

Di said...

Oh so funny PJ - what a terrific image and it's a perfect and fully compliant (grin) snippetty snippets card! I LOVE your explanation of 'when is a snippet a snippet' too.

I think you're up for Classrom Comedian of the year :)

Hugs, Di xx

Di said...

ClassroOm I meant - xx

SARN said...

Hi PJ . . . laughing at your snippet musings.

Congrats on using up the one that was bugging you! Love what you did with it.

Now . . . go be a good girl and put it away properly!

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Mrs A. said...

There is no snippet on a time line either. No no I mean
There is no time line on a snippet either. Hugs Mrs A.

Hettie said...

Soo funny. I think this analogy should be in the Treehouse so everyone knows what a Snippet is.
Great card even if it has been hanging round a while!

Carol L said...

aack! So So cute! Love how well that hat fits the kitty :) Great background papers too!

butterfly said...

Definitely snippets! And a cool card ready for next Halloween (but will you still remember where you put it by then?)!
Alison x

MaryH said...

May I visit Judylandia? It sounds as though it resembles Marylandia too! Great explanation of Snippets, which sounds much classier to me than Scraps! I think of a paper snippet as any leftover bit that I've cut a portion from matter the left portion! I manage to have a lot of the tiny bits & pieces as well. My problem comes with finding 'em when I need 'em. Love this bright card and that is an adorable PB image. Very dramatic dp background. One might even say Spoo-KEE! He's cute. TFS & Hugs

Darnell J Knauss said...

Oh, my, how I have enjoyed catching up with your posts, PJ! This is SO well written on the subject of snippets and scraps, as opposed to parapets and scarps. It can all be so confusing!

Seriously, great works of card art are abundant and great job entering challenges!! And good luck with those numbskulls at college!

Now where are you to put the Halloween card to remember it if you don't want to drag out the box?? Eeek. Hugs, Darnell