Thursday, January 16, 2014

Team Crap

The other evening my cough came back with a vengeance... not that ever really went away in the first place.  There I sat coughing and hacking and hacking and coughing.  Not to be outdone the cat decided to blow snot everywhere.  He sneezed and wheezed and made all sorts of disgusting snotty noises.
Hubby came out and shook his head at both of us.  He said between the two of us we made quite the team, so I dubbed us Team Crap.
We are thinking about getting team T-shirts made.  Team Crap has done some wonderful fund raising. So far we've raised enough money to buy a box of tissue.  And not the cheap stuff either!  We're totally styling with the lotion infused tissue.  Team Crap might sign up for a 5K fun run as soon as we find some designated runners.  Certainly you didn't expect us to run in our frail conditions, did you?  Jack thinks we should do a hot dog eating contest but I say only if they are kosher.  One must have standards you know.  And now I totally want a hot dog.

The Fine Print: Jack got the good pink medicine from the doctor. Me I still cough on unmedicated (because they say coughing is good for you). House Mouse stamp by Stampa Rosa, letters by Basic Gray, papers and ribbon from my stash.  Go Team Crap!


Craftychris said...

I hope Team Crap are both feeling better now and I adore the card - perfect! Photo is gorgeous too xx

Patricia said...

Hope Team Crap are feeling a little better.
Love the card. Are you going to use that on all your Promotional Stuff!!!!

Patricia xx

MaggieC said...

Poor you and cat. Hope you soon feel much better. By the way, thank you for mentioning the ATM. It reminded me that I needed top go online and pay my credit card off before I get charged interest. So you have saved me money. xx Maggie

MaryH said...

Ho, this is funny. NOt funny that you are still coughing & hacking, nor that your kitty is to keep you company. This kind of thing just wears you out. Especially if you can't sleep. But on the upside, your sense of humor is still strong & your card is just adorable. I'll offer to join in with the hotdog. Too totally lazy to participate in the run. Put me down for a T-shirt. Feel better soon, and I'm glad you still felt up to making a card! Easy on the your nose is sore. TFS & Hugs

Mrs A. said...

From someone who sneezes all yr from hay fever and house dust I can feel your pain and puss too. Snot at all funny when your on the receiving end of both!!
I like the those cutey pa tooty
bows on your card. Never seen them done like that beforeand I rather like it. Hugs Mrs A.

butterfly said...

Yup - unmedicated coughing is necessary - how else is it all going to come out?! Wishing Team Crap loads of luck in the World Phlegm Competition...
Alison x

Carol L said...

Team crap - that's too funny, and your card is too cute with those aqua colors and cute mouse! Hebrew National High Fives!