Friday, January 17, 2014

Hopes and Dreams

I was about to say that I'm too tired to have either one right now--hopes or dreams.  Then I remembered that I have this:
And this:
Those are both from a Club Scrap kit called "Hopes" so obviously I have hopes.  And as far as dreams go, oh boy, did I have a doozy the other night.  There is a lady who works in a nearby department and I have occasion to run into her quite often.  She is always happy and smiling.  She's perky and has nice things to say.  She is a very nice person and you would vote her The Least Likely to Go on a Murderous Rampage Killing Spree.  

Or would you?

See I dreamed that she was batshit crazy insane, murder young boys and put them in the crawl space, boil your kid's bunny on the stove, completely over the moon lunatic psychotic murderer spree killer whack job who wears women's skin as clothing nutso.  It was so insane.  Think of the most notorious disgusting crimes you can think of and we found out she had done them.  It was quite a shock when I woke up because I too had voted her The Least Likely to Go on a Murderous Rampage Killing Spree and then I went and dreamed this about her.  But I did have to stop and think that there is something seriously wrong with perpetually perky people.  I mean, think about it.

To top it off I got an email yesterday from the supervisor of her department telling me I could take her off the email and phone directory lists, which means she doesn't work there anymore.  Do you think it is because she got arrested for some major crime spree?!!!!!!

The Fine Print: I read a lot of true crime books in case you are wondering what is wrong with me and I suspect I'd be voted Most Likely to Snap and Murder Her Coworkers with a Letter Opener and a Stapler anyway, so I'm probably not the one to watch for.  I already told you those were Club Scrap cards from the Hopes kit so I'm not sure what other info you're looking for down here.


505whimsygirl said...

Hi Princess Judy,

I think a good romance novel might be called for here. Just think what your dreams would be like then.....

The cards are nice; we can always use a bit of hope and have dreams (just not exactly the kind YOU have).


butterfly said...

Do hope it wasn't a prophetic dream! And also hope that you "get well soon"... will be "thinking of you"!
Alison x

wendy taylor said...

ahahahahahahaha :-) OK that was hilarious - I don't knwo what you're looking for down here....!!!!! Too funny!

Hettie said...

I have just been watching Sarah Millican so to read this has just made me laugh out loud! Sooo funny, specially the small print.
When I went on holiday to France with Mum and Dad when I was about 16 Mum and I made up stories about the people we saw on the ferry, including one about this old fella who was a secret truffle hunter with a killer pig, so I know how these thoughts can come up!! We saw him in Loire and he was on the same ferry going home and actually smiled at us when we passed! Scary!
Wonder which prison she is at!
Tee hee!

Krisha said...

OMG! you are just hilarious! (or maybe your the physco one hummm)

If I ever find a BIG fish stamp I am going to send it to you...LOL

Thanks for the comment on my journal page......there are NO big fish that walk on the beach!!

Carol L said...

Bwahaha!!! Dreams can be hilarious, but I wasn't looking for anything down there other than the comment option!! LOL Love the card & especially the tag - and BTW, I have a cassette deck in my 2002 car too! Old school never fades away :)

MaryH said...

I like Carol's Bwhaha, especially about the BatS.. insane crazy. I'm gonna have to borrow that expression the next time I have to vent! Do you think your meds are having an adverse effect on your sleep patterns? Or else perhaps you really are psychic? I agree with the perpetually perky thought as well. Kinda makes you wanna slap 'em on occasions when you're not in the greatest of moods. Loved your card & tag. They were very perky too! Great colors, and thanks for the laugh tonight. Hugs & TFS