Monday, January 13, 2014

Purple Birthday

I had a couple of 6x6 sheets of purple designer paper that someone had given me.  They've just been sitting around occupying space, so I finally decided to cut into one and make something out it.
Don't all those cakes look yummy?  I really like these stamps from this set.  I like them so much that I often find myself admiring them on Ebay.  Luckily I've only ever bought them the once but there's no telling I won't freak out and pick up a second set at some point... because I'm crazy like that.

I also want to report that the culprit has been identified.  Over the holidays there was a creature who would futz around on the roof in the night. I actually climbed up on the roof to see what there was to see.  What there was to see was a loose flap over the vent to the kitchen.  I secured it with a large brick. I had no idea what the creature was though and after consulting with my learned friends we decided that it could be a raccoon, a unicorn, a squirrel, reindeer, water buffalo, or pink flamingoes.  Here's the culprit:
By the way, I'm not the one who added the carrots into my bird feeder, so someone around here is definitely feeding him.  To show his gratitude, once the bowl was empty he threw it onto the ground shattering it. 

The Fine Print: Stamps and tag punch by Stampin' Up "Birthday Bakery," paper, ribbon, and brad from my stash, colored with Copics.  Squirrel by Mother Nature.  I was kind of hoping for pink flamingoes.


Krisha said...

Well, you got my day started with a smile...thank you!
Purple is a hard color for me to use, but you turned out a cute card with it.
I was hoping for the unicorn (grin)

Squirrel x said...

I cannot be held responsible for ALL the family members! Xx

Carol L said...

LMAO to the previous commenter! LOL

Love your fun purple card! Purple just screams PARTY in my mind to begin with ;)

If you have a unicorn on your roof, you're in serious trouble!!!! LOL

Janeen said...

ackk, those creatures. they are cute in campgrounds, about the house, not so much! Purple is the IN trend for this year, didja know that? I have been trying to use a bit of it too and was happy to see how you used it.