Monday, January 6, 2014

A Tale of Two Bonzai

I have lots of random crafting goals for the new year.  I don't really want to focus on any one of them because it might be at the detriment of the others.  Plus have multiple random goals gives me the chance to change my mind, switch my gears, pretend it never happened...
And best of all, if I'm not sure what I'm doing, then there is no chance of me doing it wrong!  Right?!

Anyway, one of my random goals is to use some of my old stamp sets and make sure I really love them enough to continue to let them live with me.  I know some gals that are making plans to use every stamp in every set this year.  Yeah, I'm not that ambitious.
I'm not sure what year or how old this stamp set it but I have had it awhile. I got it off eBay and I got it specifically for the bonsai tree although it does have a couple of other trees and a saying (that is inside the second card, not that you can see it, but trust me it is there).

I still love it enough to keep it because it has this bonsai tree in it but maybe I should try out the other trees in it as well? Whaddya say?  That could be coming up soon.  But my camera up and died so it may happen and you may never see it.  'Tis a cold sad day today as we take a moment of silence for the dead camera.

The Fine Print: Stamp set by Stamin' Up "Plant Hope," designer papers and ribbon from my stash, dies by Spellbinders.  In hindsight that camera has been acting up for awhile.  Darn thing.


Krisha said...

I really like that bonsi tree stamp.
In the past, and time to do it again, I have gone through my stamp stash and sorted out the ones I really want to keep. I do break up sets if there is only ONE I really like.
BUT I have learned to keep the out-casts for a while, in a separate place. For some reason my mind has a very tiny spot that will tell me "you have that stamp"
so try the other trees before making the decision.......LOL
Great cards by the way!

butterfly said...

Love the bonsai stamp, and as a complete sucker for trees, I'd love to see the others in action...

Use ALL my stamps... hmm - if only!!
Alison x

scrappymo! said...

This is a pretty stamp. There is an oriental challenge at Marks Finest Papers...your cards would be so good for that challenge.

Your goals sound doable...several small ones...much better than stamp every stamp you own this head is still spinning from the thought of that. hahaha

You could try a landscape scene to try out the other trees. I do not have a plethora of fact not very many at all as I learned recently. Funny how we seem to have a stamp for everything till we need it! lol

I with you on that frustration on having a card but not quite finished yet...that is why I made the goal to finish the insides when I make the inside done photo! So far it is working for me.

Heather Binnie said...

I think that as long as you don't write down your goals, they are much easier to pretend they didn't exist.

My goal is just to survive and catch up on that freakin' pile of laundry I have. That should keep me busy for most of the year.

There is a stamp out there that I really want. It's a roll of toilet paper and it has some punny saying. I don't know who makes it but it's something I must have.

Carol L said...

Good luck with using all those stamps! There aren't enough days in a year for me to use all of my stash! LOL Great duo of cards today showcasing that great image! I love the green dsp on the 2nd card - it really looks pretty!

Jules said...

This stamp is definitely "a keeper" .. .. loving the bonsai look!

I find it hard to part with stamps. You just never know when you are going to need them. I have lost count of the the number of times I have been asked to make a card only to find the stamp I need in the "ones I hardly ever use - shall I get rid of them" box!!

I hope you had a great Christmas and wish you all the best for 2014. May it be a happy and healthy one for you and your family.

Love Jules xx