Friday, December 6, 2013

Who is Christmas for Anyway?

Remove the religious aspects of Christmas and Hanukkah for a moment--I mean, why not?  Most people have lost sight of those a long time ago--and ponder who Christmas is marketed towards these days.

That's right, it's all about buying yourself some shit.  Or anyway, that's how I read it.  My inbox is filled with emails from various craft stores and other vendors about all the sales they are having.  Do they really think my mother, brother, and husband want some of what they are selling for the holidays?  Some of these emails even blatantly state "pick up a little something for yourself."

It used to be that I'd get a couple of these emails and they'd say that they were having a sale and to point your loved ones in their direction to get you a gift you'll really love.  They at least used to try to pretend the holidays were about gift giving.  Now they send a multiple emails a week and they all are about buying yourself more shit.

Trust me, I'm pro-shit.  I love me some stuff.  However, this is the holiday season! I'm supposed to be thinking of others, not out for myself.  It just bothers me.

The Fine Print: Thank you Pet360 for remembering it is the giving season and showing me what presents my kitties would like.  At least you haven't lost sight of what the holidays are all about even if you are just cementing my crazy cat lady persona. Stamp by Inkadinkado, large scallop border die by A Muse Studio, designer papers by DCWV.

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Heather Binnie said...

Love the card and I've just been deleting those email so I haven't even noticed if it said "buy something for yourself".

I hate this time of year.