Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The 4:44 Hang Up Call

Where I work we used to wrap up our work day at 4:45 pm.   Yeah, I know that's a ridiculous time but I didn't make the rules; I just followed them.  It coincided with our 37.5 hour work week, which apparently is/was a community college thing.

Anyway, every day at about 4:44 someone would call me at my desk, wait for me to answer, and then hang up.  We had these old clunky multi-line phones without any caller ID display so I couldn't tell if the call was internal or external or what number it came from.

I was pretty darn sure it was an internal call from someone checking to see if I were still at my desk or if I had snuck out early.  Once and while I would even answer the phone, "Yes, I'm still here."  And of course, they would immediately hang up.  I had my suspicions on who it was but could never confirm or deny those.  I told anyone who would listen about my mysterious 4:44 pm caller and my suspicions on why they were calling, but the calls never stopped.

Then one day our phone system got upgraded to a shiny new system that included caller ID.  The calls immediately stopped.  So yeah, it was totally internal.

The Fine Print: Christmas card.... I made 'em with products from places.  Yeah, that's all I got because I'm at my desk working right now.  Go ahead, call and check.


Georgiana said...

I am glad you don't get the calls any more, but shame on the one who was doing it! Happy Holidays!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

So now you can skip work at 4.30... ;-)
Happy Christmas!!
LLJ xx