Sunday, December 15, 2013

Baby's Birthday Party

I was maybe 6 or 7 when I went to Baby's birthday party with my little friends Leslie and Marna.  I wasn't actually friends with Baby, but Marna was.  I think Baby might have been new to the scene as several little girls who were friends of friends were invited. 

Baby's mother seemed to be indisposed but there were some teenaged girls were left in charge.  Once we arrived they immediately organized party games.  We did that musical chairs game.  We enjoyed that and could have done that for hours but the teenagers put us into a bedroom and told us they had to set up for the next party game.

I was totally oblivious to what was going on when I suddenly realized there was tension in the air.  The little girls were huddled up whispering.  It turns out they heard we were playing the egg walk game.  I'd never heard of it before but apparently you get blindfolded and are forced to walk across a floor that is littered with raw eggs.  You could step on one or more and get egg all over.  We were horrified. 

Thinking of it in hindsight, of course the game was bogus.  No one in their right mind would usher little girls through a room with raw eggs where there was potential to grind raw egg and shells into their 70s shag carpeting.

Baby looked on with worried eyes as an older girl came in with a blindfold.  Brave and outspoken Marna stood up and told the girl that her mother would be very angry with them if she got egg on her shoes.  We all looked at Marna, dressed up in a pretty frilly party frock, white tights, and shiny Mary Janes.

The girl nodded and left.  She came back with another girl, tackled Marna, and took her shoes off.  That set Marna off.  She started yelling that she wasn't going to play this stupid game. By then other little girls were starting to come unglued.  Baby started bawling and soon everyone was emotional.  At some point Marna got a hold of a telephone and called her mother, who wanted to talk to Baby's mother, who of course wasn't available.

We were told repeatedly that it was just a joke, there were no eggs, there never were any eggs.  Baby was inconsolable.  Many of the little girls were mad that such a joke had been played on them and the party broke up.

The Fine Print: Now that I've written this story I wonder if my mother ever knew this happened?  Birthday day card CASEd from this card on Mary Fish's website. Stamps and punches from Stampin' Up, twine from A Muse Studio (retired), and designer papers from my stash.

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