Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Pilot to Bombardier

I had this fevered dream the other night.  Joe and I were having Charles fitted for a little helmet.  It was really cute.  It was made out of brown leather and had holes for his ears to stick through and a little chin strap.  It looked more like an old fashioned pilot's helmet than the kind you put on kids who fall down a lot and run headlong into walls.  That's the kind of kid Charles is but I guess we were being fashion conscious.
The Fine Print: Crazy cat stamp by PSX, faux brad by Stampin' Up, designer paper from a pal, dies by Spellbinders, crazy cat cat brought to you by God and Joe (a powerful duo, there).


Carol L said...

That skating kitty is too much fun, and I'm cracking up over your comment on my blog post about needing another job or a sugar daddy! LMAO!! Aren't we all in that same position with crafting supplies? Addiction of this kind is wonderful :) Happy New Year!

MaryH said...

Hi Judy, and Happy New Year. We're on the count down now! I will be up I expect, but doubt I'll watch the ball go down. Cute post, and really cute card! I think it's weird that the one dog bothers me too! Especially since they are sisters. She had Dallas first, and I never had a problem. After she got Reilly, I'd develop respiratory problems every time we came. My allergist can't explain it either. Just says there is something different with Reilly's makeup. It's the pet dander that sets me off. I can't be around cats either..and for my friends who have cats, the cat hair on their clothes can send me into an allergy attack. So I've given up on hugging anyone new until I ask "Do you have a cat?" I take allergy shots, seems to be helping. I just don't pet these 2 at all. The older dog I am ok with. It's just something I developed as I've gotten older. But hey, at least I lasted this long!!! Hugs, and TFS. Hope my shoutout will bring you some new visitors.

Diane said...

Super cute skating cat card, yes I think the aviator hat for the cat would be too funny.

Hugs Diane

fairy thoughts said...

Hey PJ happy new year
We once found a helmet like that for our dog ..... In a Harley Davison shop the kids wanted to buy it, Rosie is a ting Yorkshire terrier ......that would have been silly :-)
Cute card
Janet # 20