Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Mean Nasty Old Lady

The other day I was hanging out in my craft room which also doubles as our living room and the cats' dormitory.  I was trying to do my thing but I kept getting interrupted by cats.
"Pet me, mom!"
"No! Pet me!"
"I was here first, pet me!"
"Lookit me! I can dance on top of the bookcase!"
"Pet me!"
"Hey! I need to sit right here on your desk"
"Well need to sit on your lap"
"Lookit me! I can fly!  Whoops! I meant to do that."
"Mom, can I have a treat?"
"A treat!"
"Meeeee!  I want!"
"Pet me and then treats!"
"Wait, I didn't get treats!"
So I stood up and announced loudly, "Who wants to go to the veterinarian?!" and suddenly there were no more cats in my living room.  I'm such a mean, nasty, old lady.
The Fine Print: Nose by Charles.  Owls by Hero Arts. 


Julia Dunnit said...

Would work for me. I ask my two to help with paper choices.......and they're gone!

Di said...

Ha, ha - love that! Merry Christmas Judy.



MaryH said...

Loved the card, loved the story. That Vet threat will do it every time! Good thinking. TFS