Sunday, December 8, 2013

It's all in the 'Tude

I had a friend who was once bemoaning her lot in life once.  Since Kerry made such incredibly poor decisions I was having a hard time being sympathetic.  She went on for awhile and then started idolizing another friend of ours, Brenda.
Brenda always wanted to marry her high school sweetheart (check), wanted to have two little boys (check), two years apart (check), she wanted to be a stay-at-home mom (check), she wanted to learn to sew (check), and make food from scratch (check), she wanted to take long walks with her kids (check) and play in the park with them (check), she wanted to fart rainbows (check) and have butterflies follow her every move (check).

The next time the three of us were together I asked Brenda what was dissatisfying in her life just to show Kerry that all may not be heavenly bliss.  Indeed, Brenda actually learned to sew and cook from scratch because they were dirt poor and to help fill her time, because staying at home with two youngsters day after day was excruciatingly boring.  She rarely saw her high school sweetheart husband because he worked two dead end jobs   They took long walks and played in the park because it was free and because it gave hubby some time to catch up on sleep.  It turns out she was allergic to butterflies and rainbow farts smell just as rank as the regular ones.
Brenda was in no way bemoaning her lot in life, oh no.  She wanted it known that she was just answering my question and that she knew she was blessed.  She knew it could be a lot worse and was content to be happy with what she had.  Brenda had some plans to make some improvements.  Kerry had long since tuned her out, which is too bad because she certainly could have learned a thing or two from Brenda. 

The Fine Print: I have no idea why Kerry popped into my mind today. I haven't seen or heard from her in over 20 years.  I really hope it isn't an omen that I am going to run into her soon. She took a long swan dive into the deep end of insanity. I'll bet Brenda is just kicking ass though.  Card parts from Club Scrap, except the flowers (Prima), the ribbon (from my stash), and the thank you greeting (Endless Creations).

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Squirrel x said...

Hey, we all know them hun, the Sinkers (Kerry) and the Swimmers (Brenda)! Hope Kerry doesn't read your page, lol! Gorgeous TY card, really pretty. Hugs xx