Monday, December 9, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Yesterday I opted to write a non-Christmas themed post because I think Christmas has gotten enough air time already this year.  Well, that and I couldn't think of anything holiday related to write about.  Instead I opted to write about Kerry, she of the poor decision making.

I wrote about her because she popped in my head yesterday and not just in general terms either.  I totally remember her going on and on about how awful her life was and how wonderful Brenda's was.  I found myself thinking of her and that conversation over and over and wondered why. 

Do you ever wonder why someone you haven't seen or heard from in years suddenly pops into your head?  Do you ever stop to analyze why your subconscious dredged them up? I do! I do because it is often the yucky people in my life who suddenly pop into my head and bother me all day. I want to know what brought these evil beings to light!?

Sometimes it is because that I am having such a great time I think of how so-and-so would just be green with envy.  Or how they would find some way to ruin it if they were here.  Other times it is because I just had to put up with someone who is yucky in a way that reminded me of them.

Yesterday's visit from she of the poor decision making is because very soon I will be forced to spend the day with another Negative Nelly who will bemoan her lot in life. She won't want to hear how her own actions have given her a crappy life and she sure as heck won't want to hear how even those she thinks have perfect lives may not be as happy as she thinks.

So yeah, I may have purged the real Kerry from my life, but her clones carry on.  *sigh*

The Fine Print: Of course I'm talking about a holiday get-together.  You don't think I'd hang out with old Nelly on purpose do you?  Why yes, I guess you're right.  I would do it for blog fodder.  You're onto me.  Darn.  More card stuff from Club Scrap "Wisteria" and other random stuff fro my stash.

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