Wednesday, December 4, 2013


There's nothing like hacking up great green globs of greasy grimy gopher guts to get you in the holiday spirit!  Or wishing you had some holiday spirits (which make a great cough medicine, by the way).
I told you yesterday how my brain tends to go on the fritz when I'm sick.  Once upon a time I went to work even though I was feeling poorly.  I toughed it out for much of the day when I was told I should just take my germs and go, so I did.  It was a cold, grey, moist day, not fit for man nor beast.  As I was driving home it started to rain.  I fiddled with this button and that button and this knob and that knob and flipped a lever or two all in the name of getting the windshield wipers to turn on.  Somehow I just could not remember how it was done.
While I was at a red light, I flipped the magic switch and the wipers started going.  I looked up just in time to see a car identical to mine crossing the intersection.  It was a silver, two-door, Daihatsu hatchback with the same custom graphics my car had.  I found myself puzzling over where the heck I was going.  I really had to think about it before I realized that duh, that wasn't me.

Yeah, illness and I just don't mix well.

The Fine Print: Here are a couple more of those cards made with left-over strips of designer paper. Top card stamp by Penny Black and bottom card stamp by Art Impressions.  Papers by DCWV.


House of Bears said...

That sounds like us on a normal day!

butterfly said...

Oh dear - it's mean to laugh at the misfortunes of others... but that did make me laugh as you wondered where you were going - only because I know the feeling!!

Am in love with that cat on the first card. He's using the present as bait, right?
Alison x