Saturday, October 12, 2013

Where's the Bloodbath?

I've been watching Dexter with hubby.  We don't pay for premium channels so we're watching it via movie rentals.  I knew we were a season behind but I didn't know there was yet one more season to go. 
I have been paying attention to how many episodes are left knowing the final one of the season (and I thought series) was coming us.  I've been waiting patiently for major characters to start dying off, ppossibly in gruesome ways with much bloodshed (hey, it is Dexter after all).  Yet episode after episode goes by without that happening.

I'm thinking the final episode is going to be one heck of a bloodbath since everyone made it through the second to last episode just fine.  Well, everyone who usually makes it to the end of an episode of Dexter that is.  That's when I learned I have one more season to go.  Well, now.... no bloodbath yet then?  It's such a let down.

The Fine Print: I'll trade you a snot shower for a blood bath?  Stuff from a Simon Says Stamp kit, the one I kept calling Serenade.  Perhaps this card is a rerun. 

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