Thursday, October 3, 2013

Too Old Fashioned

I have this story I like to tell about my mom, but the story has grown old now-- it is so old fashioned that it has lost its meaning.  It takes too much explaining and even then the puzzled looks continue.
The story goes like this:  Once us kids grew up and left home, my mom would make it her weekly mission to  call us and check in.  However, if we weren't home and didn't answer, she was convinced 100% that we were dodging her, that somehow we magically knew it was her and ergo, did not answer the phone.  Once she told us about her paranoid delusions, we delighted in furthering them.  She would tell us she called us Wednesday night and we didn't answer and we'd tease her with a smile, "That's because we knew it was you."  Sometimes I still do it to this day.

This silly little story is puzzling to people because they are either too young to know life before caller ID or they forgot that there was ever a time before caller ID.  Yes, we grew up and left home before Caller ID and here's the kicker: none of the family have it to this day.  So yes, my mom thinks we have a magical mom-sense and can tell when it's her on the phone and act accordingly, which in her mind means we ran and hid rather than answer the phone.

The Fine Print: Happy old fashioned sunflowers by Taylored Expressions, paper received in a recent designer paper swap, brads from my stash, and check out that lovely swatch of seam binding!

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Di said...

I love this tale Judy :) If I knew your Mom's phone number I'd give her a call and squeal on you! Isn't it strange the things we take for granted such as caller ID (which we only recently caved into but normally I don't have my specs handy anyhow so it's not a lot of use).

And your card is such a happy one too - love those smiley faces!

Hugs, Di xx