Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Because it Won't

I saw this person at the grocery store the other day and he reminded me so much of my older brother that I wanted to go kick him.  Hard.  In the shin.  Because he deserved it.
I know it isn't a popular stance to say you dislike your sibling; there is supposed to be some BS unconditional love and all, but in this case all there is, is the BS.  Anyway, after seeing this person my brain reminded me of this little story.

One time there was an issue and my family was sitting around having a lively discussion about it (just about it, not about how to fix it, mind you).  Not one to sit around bitching and moaning and gnashing my teeth over spilled milk (or keys locked in the car as the case may be) I suggested a solution.  I was immediately shot down by my older brother, "That won't work!"  I truly thought it was a workable solution and wanted to know what he saw as the problem so we could troubleshoot it, so I asked, "Why not?"

"Because it won't!" was his answer. And that was the end of the discussion so I left.  Later when I asked how the keys got out of the car I learned it was just as I had suggested, but without any kudos to me.

I immediately saw what his problem with my solution was--HE DIDN'T THINK OF IT.

The Fine Print: I'm sure we all know people like that where if they didn't think of it, it is invalid and unworthy; it is just extra annoying coming from the likes of him.  Anyway, I didn't kick my brother in the shin by proxy and for that some random stranger is grateful.  Or should be grateful if only they thought to think of it.  Stamps by The Saltbox Company/A Muse, fence punch by Martha, green gingham a retired item from A Muse.

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Di said...

Great card Judy, and even more so the family tale. We call it 'not invented here' - if it's not the other party's idea, they don't want to know. That is until they realise it's a good solution and then pinch the idea not giving any credit :(

Loads of lovely posts from you BTW, am still catching up after hols but have been peeking :)

Hugs, Di xx