Sunday, October 20, 2013

Darn You, Numbers!

I have the hardest time with strings of numbers.  I just can't keep a grip on all of them in the right order.  Either my brain, my body or my mouth will insist on lousing them up.  I don't know what it is about them--account numbers, confirmation numbers, telephone numbers, special codes...  ...they just flummox me.

I think telephone numbers are the worst, probably because I have to deal with them so often at work.  The staff out front do not have long distance capability so they will call me to transfer them to whatever long distance number they need.  As soon as they start reciting the number I start to sweat.  I really have to concentrate to get all the number written down correctly and then turn right around and dial them accurately.

My brain hears them right.  You don't say "four" and I immediately think "six."  My fingers get rebellious though and will write down six even though I know goddamn well that's not a four.  When I go to punch in numbers my finger will be headed for the 8 and at the last second twitch and give me a 2.  It is so frustrating.  Also, the more stressed out I am the less likely I'll be able to the numbers right.

Just because you told me your phone number and I wrote it down correctly doesn't mean I can say it back to you the proper way either.  I'll see the numbers 890 and respond with, "Eight, nine, five..."  making you wonder what sort of retard I am.  Don't worry, I'm wondering the same thing because a zero is so not a five.  They don't even look alike!  Why did my mouth say that?!

Darn you, numbers!  Stop being so slippery!

The Fine Print: Remember that seven is a meanie.  We know that because seven eight nine.  This is a tri-fold card I made awhile ago but thought it appropriate to share since we talked about my special ability with numbers.  I'm so special I almost need a helmet.  Card 'n stuff by Club Scrap, Sorrento kit.


Squirrel x said...

It's numerical dyslexia (my diagnosis) and I suffer it too. I can't read off a line of numbers without having to chase them with my finger along the line. Bit of a bugger when you are going accounts. Love the card. Hugs Sxx

Squirrel x said...

And apparently letters are now muscling in on the act and I am getting my d and g mixed. Are my prayers going to Dog?