Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What's on Your Workdesk?

It is time for another edition of What's on your Workdesk Wednesday for all us curious folks out there.  I wasn't around to play last Wednesday, which is okay because I had the same old boring tidy desk I've been showing you lately.  But not today, oh no! Today you are in for a delightfully messy treat:
Look at all that stuff piled on my desk!  There are all sorts of random things on there including a cat.  The mess is because I've been cleaning and organizing my craft room.  The rest of the place is looking good but the desk is where everything else got dumped.  Here's an aerial view close up.
There are a bunch of letters and cards in the mix along with various sized envelopes everywhere.  I spy a packet of kraft something or another under a pad of yellow post it notes, a wood mount stamp, a bottle of pills, a finished paperback, my reading glasses, two jars of embossing powder, a hole punch, a stash of retired A Muse Studio patterned paper, some stamps, an unopened mini clear book on the ground, another cat, a pile of designer paper, and the never ending stack of Club Scrap boxes.  No room to play which is a shame because that package of pink zig-zag edged cards on top needs to become a card for a swap by the end of this week.

I had a card to share with you as well but I forgot to photograph it.  I got distracted by these two clowns.  The gray one was posing for his fans and the gray and white one was jumping around desperately trying to catch the flash bulb.  He has a thing for small lights, the red dot is his ultimate favorite.

The Fine Print:  Hey maybe I should have photographed the other desk as well so I could show you how wonderful it looks without crap piled high all over and around it.  Well, maybe next week.


Lunch Lady Jan said...

Your pile is magnificent it its totteringness! Are you playing some weird sort of crafting Jenga? I double dare you to pull out the item right at the bottom...will it topple? Ooohhh, I can't bear the tension... ;-)

Hugs, LLJ 3 xx

Ps. Does travelling vicariously mean that there's a Reverend in your car???

trisha too said...

The desk looks FABULOUS--I love good pile up of arty stuff! And those cats, they look like trouble . . . well, yes, pretty much ALL cats look like trouble, and for a very good reason!!!

Thank you for gracing me with your royal presence this week, Princess Judy!! ;)

#21 this week with a
tiny peek at a tiny make

Carole said...

I like trisha too's comment about gracing her with your royal presence.Yes your desk has layers and layers of stuff...but it will all find it's way home in your newly organized space. Be well Be well Carole #40

Horace House-of-Bears said...

Mind you don't mist or paint the various cats whilst crafting. They don't look as if they'd be amused if they were altered!

Caro said...

I love the way that reorganising always means total chaos for the desk on the way! I just love your cats; give them a stroke for me. Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x (#12)

BJ said...

Ah well there's the thing, I don't believe in Halloween so I don't have it messing up my Christmas preparations. BJ#1

Sharon Madson said...

Oh, my goodness, I see who the stars are here! I love to come to your Blog Judy to see your beautiful rolltop desk and your wonderful animals! :)
Happy WOYWW!
Sharon #56

Robin Spitzer said...

Did the kitty's help you clean and organize? I bet they gave you great company!

Hugs - Robin #117

Lynn Holland said...

Hope your puddly tats don't catch my Doodly birds

505whimsygirl said...

Hello Princess,

Yep, straightening out definitely leads to other things. I'm changing course on my organization and hopefully will wrap it up this weekend. That's when I'll get real messy (which I love).

The cats are very cute - as always the bluish/black one is very stoic on the desk.

Thanks for visiting me already. I'm getting to visit a few people today after all.

Hugs, Kay (43)

Neet said...

Hi Judy - love your cats. Looks as if they can get into mischief - am I right?Well, hope the tidying pays off in the long run, for the time being the desk is, well .... interesting.LOL
Hugs, and Thanks for visiting me - Neet 35 xx

Donna Wheat said...

thanks for the visit earlier, your desk looks very interesting, Donna #71

Mrs.D said...

Judy what a super desk full of work in progress, even if it is only tidying up, still needs to be done.
And I love your puss cats,they are gorgeous, why is that many creative people have lovely cats?
Chris #30

Shaz Brooks said...

Love the desk tour, about as good (or bad?) as mine, lol. Your two puss cats are adorable! Hugs and ear fusses to them both.Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #29 xx

RosA said...

Your desk doesn't scare me. Anyway, I only come by to see the kitties :)
Thanks for dropping by earlier, much appreciated.
RosA # 53

Krisha said...

Stopping by late to say thank you for visiting earlier. Good to see your desk mmmmmmm, not so tidy for a change. My whole house looks like the top of my desk, but we have been on the go, or so I tell myself that is why..... LOL

Julie Woodward said...

I love to see a room that looks well used and your desk is the same!! Hop to my blog for a giveaway if you are interested xx Julie (paperpathway) 89 xx

ike said...

Ah !! Been tidying eh ?? Do you want to come and sort mine ??!! LoL
Great shots of the gorgeous kitties too ... I got a laser pen and mine go absolutely nuts for that :-D
Thank you for letting me snoop


IKE in Greece xxx

Lisa-Jane said...

LL! Mine looks like that today now too after I decided to have a reshuffle. The desk just makes such a good "holding place" doesn't it?! Enjoy the tidy bits ;-) #6

Daniella said...

Reorganizing is great fun, but does make a big mess!! Just think how clean and organized you will be!! Love your cat!!
Sorry I'm late :(
xxDaniella #35

Alison Wade said...

Happy Belated WOYWW. I am just randomnly visiting workspaces now, and it is so much fun to see new people. Love your cats - such beautiful colours. Hope you eventually get your card finished - I must get off the internet and do some crafting! Ali x #96

by Gill said...

Oh your cats are gorgeous, as a slave to 5 myself i know how they love to get into photos if they can.
Great blog, ill add you to my blogroll.

Gill xx

Darnell J Knauss said...

I feel privileged to get to see the front side of Miss Thing this week, PJ!! She is sleekness personified!!

I imagine by now you've cleaned up that hot mess and moved on to new creations. It looks like you are also at that 'stop, drop, and clean' phase of card art.

Luckily the morons in DC kicked the can down the road a few months so Mister can go back to work. Except not right now since we have the boys for a long weekend, but sanity should return to the Playhouse soon.

That was a little joke because as long as I live there, there will never really be sanity in the Playhouse!!

Happy Belated WOYWW and thank you for coming by to see me! Have a wonderful week! Hugs, Darnell #57

Eliza said...

Firstly I thought I was in the wrong place the desk somewhat looks the same with cat upon it but there was all this added stuff that confused me and made me thing I was maybe in the wrong timewarp.LOL your desk has never been like this, cleanup or not. Keep the cats happy and flash the camera a few more times, they really steal the show, give them a treat from me, wish I could hug them.

Happy WOYWW belated greeting and thanks for visiting.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda 58

Kim Ferguson said...

Love your work space and kitties. My cat, Autumn loves to roam about my craft table and gets quite annoyed where there is no clear space for her to walk about. Kim #107 Good luck on your projects you have deadlines for.

peggy apl said...

The delightfully messy treat and the kitty pics are just the perfect WOYWW post! I'm glad I dropped by! happy WOYWW!
peggy aplSEEDS@36