Sunday, October 6, 2013

Modern World Problems

Yahoo is always on my case to "verify my mobile phone number" for "security purposes."  I have no idea what that entails or how it makes me secure.  All I know is I don't have a mobile phone or a mobile phone number so I can't verify diddly squat.  I don't feel insecure.  I mean I make it through the day without my security blanket or my comfort kitty.  Granted, it is just barely, but I do it.

Anyway, now Blogger is on my case for the same thing. For some reason Blogger thinks my work phone number is my mobile phone number and is willing to send me a secure text to it.  That's all cute and fine but although my work phone voicemail says "you have unread messages" there ain't no way to read them which is always one of tiny little pet peeves that make me crazy.  You know, kind of like people who wear flip flops and then shuffle their feet everywhere so they don't go flip and flop.

Sometimes when a card isn't going well I try to remedy it by adding layers.  And more layers.  And sometimes fancy layers with borders.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't  I'm not sure if it worked on this card or not but I finally stuck a fork in it and called it done.

The Fine Print:  Stamp by Stampendous, scallop border punch by Stampin' Up, fancier border punch by Martha, ribbon ad paper from my stash.


fairy thoughts said...

Keep true to yourself they don't need to know

RosA said...

Yes, that's what I do as well. Layers, layers and more layers. You can't go wrong! This morning I went through my box of "finished" cards so I wouldn't have to make one from scratch. Found one that really was finished (I thought) so I cut the front off and layered it on to another matching card! It did look better and MORE finished :)