Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Eating Death's Fingers

Today we return to our regularly scheduled nonsense, unlike yesterday's obligatory nonsense.  I've been dreaming about death and dead people a lot lately (no, really, this is nonsensical, I assure you). 
I like to tell people of my crazy dreams I have because many of them involve zombies or madcap adventures with huge casts or some other plot that belongs on A&E.  Mostly I tell my boss because he apparently doesn't dream or if he does it is of boring things like actuary tables.  I think he likes to hear them to reassure himself that his assessment of me is correct (that I'm completely nuts).

The boss has been too busy to hear my latest, so I shared it with Dio, the cat instead.  He's a very good listener and doesn't pass judgment.  I told Dio how my dad (who is dead) and I visited an old lady in the hospital but we couldn't stay because there were spies in the room.  We could tell they were spies because they wore three piece suits (very suspicious in Tucson) and mirrored sunglasses (so 80's).  The lady had some very important, top secret information she had to impart before she passed away.  She also didn't want to die in a hospital room.  This was one of those epic adventure dreams but to sum it up after many mishaps, close calls, and crazy chase scenes we ditched the spies, got the info and placed the old lady in a glassed in porch next to a beautiful garden where she died happily.
Dio patiently listened to this dream, pondered it for a bit, came back and gave me a present.  It was a finger bone from Death because Dio eats Death's fingers for breakfast.  He's one bad ass cat, you know. I dream of death.  Dio eats it.
The Fine Print: Death is a skeleton hand Halloween decoration who is now missing a finger bone and no, I don't know what important top secret info the old lady had to tell us before she died, and yes, this post is probably as boring as an actuary table but it's all I got for now.  Card stuff from Club Scrap the very old Apothecary kit.


505whimsygirl said...

Hi Princess Judy,

Oh, I have some CRAZY dreams. They've taken on a new twist since I started a new medication too.....

I love the quote about running in the grass barefoot. I take my shoes off every chance I get, even sitting at my desk at work!


RosA said...

Hmm, what can I say?
We could swap weird dreams ... maybe.
Sure do like those apothecary stamps!