Monday, January 23, 2012

Have You Tried Sensodyne for That?

I woke up this morning being quite pleased that my tooth still hurts. I know that sounds odd, but how many times have you had an issue and when you went to deal with it you no longer had it?  You know, you have this twitch in your eye for 3 months and you finally make an appointment with the doctor.  Then on the day of the appointment you wake up and your eye is fine, "Look at me!  I'm the best eye on the planet!"  You go in to see the doctor anyway and he just looks at you like you are some sort of hypochondriac weirdo who is wasting his time.

I'm sure today will start with the dentist suggesting that I use Sensodyne toothpaste.  It is like a broken record with them.   Sensodyne must be paying them a fortune.  They recommend Sensodyne toothpaste for everything. In fact, you could get run over in their parking lot and the dentist would trot out, take one look at your internal organs strewn across the pavement and ask, "Have you tried Sensodyne for that?"

Snippet: RIP
Anyway, all the Sensodyne in the world will not bring back  my dead snippet.  My favorite snippet ever has been on my desk for several weeks.  It was an ornate scrollwork die cut.  I tried to incorporate it into several projects but it never worked out.  I hadn't yet gotten around to developing a project around it but I was starting to think in that direction what with the snippet challenge and all.  Unfortuantely, the fates intervened and Poppy pounced, trounced and played with my snippet until it had no more life.  And that my friend is my advice and inspiration to you today: use your snippets up in a timely manner before their time expires.

Back view of a snippet murderer and possible lookout accomplice
 The Fine Print: Ooh, yeah, I suppose I should apologize for the lack of anything worthwhile in this post, but as Santa once said, "They can't all be winners, kid."


Di said...

Oh dear PJP - I do so hope the dentist sorts out the offending toothy peg. Had to laugh about Sensodyne as a 'cure-all' :)) And, so sad about the snippet massacre - that'll teach you not to use those die cuts up right away. Grins here! Di xx

TangolikeRaindrop said...

Hehe, this post made me chuckle :) I too have been recommended the all-singing, all-dancing Sensodyne cure - fortunately it worked! My dentist said that if he was paid 10p for every patient he's seen with a toothache caused by whitenening toothpaste he'd be a very rich man indeed. :) I've put a little surprise for you on today's WOYWW blog post, if you're interested. ;) x

BumbleVee said...

Autoclaves and Sensodyne..hahah...oh, poor your.... and those damn dentists...pagh..worked for them for too many years.... hate 'em all!