Thursday, January 12, 2012

Couple of Oldies

I don't have anything new to share today but I do have things that haven't been shared before.  That is almost like new isn't it?

This first card is an iris fold card.  I've had this card lying around for inspiration for ages.  I've always liked this card because of the different papers used in the inside.  I always just used text weight paper that was plain or had a tight pattern.  The white with red dots is one of those.  The gold is a thin shiny metallic paper.  I believe it was wrapping paper or the like.  The other red and white paper is official origami paper.  This card is bigger than an A2 which is unusual for me, plus I like how I layered it up and have the extra hearts punched in the corner.  I often feel that iris folded cards need a little bit more than their focal point and this really does it.

The second card was from a swap called "What was I Thinking?"  The idea was to send a couple of images to your partner and in return you would receive a couple of images to make a card with and return.  The images were to be using some stamp that you were unsure of why you bought it in the first place.  The images I received were of this dog.  I'm not a dog person so I'm not familiar with dog breeds at all.  To me this dog looks like he has the mumps, so I thought a get well card was in order.  I was disappointed to find out that the "get well soon" was mounted on the wood crooked so it stamped out crooked.  I put the dots under it in hopes it would like straighter to the eye.  I never did get a return card from the images I sent.

The Fine Print: I really got nothing for you, except I can say the dog background paper is DCWV.


The Crafty Elf said...

Your first card is just lovely and the detail is wonderful! Lots of work but certainly worth it. Your second card is such a cute card and I like that you shared how it came about. Too bad you didn't get anything in return, that's not very nice!

Di said...

Hi honey! In my email that I think went missing into cyberspace I mentioned this 'dog with mumps' image. It made me laugh 'cos I used to have a couple of these cuties - Bichon Frise is the breed. Small, cute and fluffy - but with some attitude too :) They look better with their heads cut closer but for show purposes folk do 'em up like puffballs.

I told my OH about the sk***** incident - he's watching me very closely since, even though we don't have a c**. Is he expecting ME to begin licking the pots and pans huh?!