Saturday, January 14, 2012

Blasts From the Past

I just spent all day working on one card.  I guess that isn't technically true because for one, the day isn't over with yet and two, I did start the day by cleaning up my desk, table, and nearby areas too.  You know how it goes, every so often you have to stop and pick things up or else you have no place to play. 

During the cleaning session I started putting the cards I made into a plastic box that I bought just for that purpose.  That sounds like I'm on top of things, but I bought that box several weeks ago and its been lying around since, so not really. 

I found some really old cards I made and by "really old" I mean from 1998.  I was new to stamping in those days and had no idea that size mattered.  I was the princess of off-sized cards.    This also must have been before I became patterned paper addict (I do remember it was scarce in those days) but after I'd been introduced to a heat tool and embossing powder.

I remember being rather impressed at the girl card.  It was one of my first attempts at being "artsy."  Before that I built scenes with my stamps or just had one main focal point.  Those stripes with stuff stamped willy nilly were way out there for me.  And check out that mesh print stamp. I must have felt adventurous the day I bought that!

This second card I recall feeling rather smug the day I went to the office supply store and bought a packet of pastel cover stock to play with. I discovered such a thing existed because a similar pack had shown up at work.  The UFO is stamped onto a piece of iridescent wrapping paper and has an overall pinkish purple hue to it, which is why I'm sure I made the ground pink and purple.

The Fine Print: girl blowing bubbles, hand and mesh stamps by Era Graphics; Aliens by Ken Brown, UFO and ground by ImaginAir, sign post by Copper Leaf Creations, words by All Night Media (a foam set).

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