Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Wait, What?!

Does anyone know what I'm doing today? 
Does anyone know who am I today? 
Does anyone know anything? I'm pretty sure I don't know anything.
Oh, wait. I do know one thing. I'm not on a beach.

The Fine Print: It is waaaay too cold in here to take off my shoes. I could be contracting frostbite. Embossing folder from Cuttlebug, card topper from Club Scrap, dimension flop flop stickers from my old stash (possibly Recollections).


Maxine D said...

Oh Princess J - sounds as though you may need a vacation by the sea, going by your card and the commentry.
The season is just warming up here and for the first time I have my slippers off (inside) - bliss.

SARN said...

I didn't know ocean waves could purr, so i learnt something new, thanks!

Lovely card.

Sorry, but i don't know anything either, so can't help! Xxxx

Barb said...

A lovely card Judy. That embossing folder works perfectly. Barbxx

Bad Kitty said...

great card!
ant text is great!

Greta said...

Too cold in Arizona?! Well come up north & it's certainly warm enough for bare feet--actually, too warm--they'd get burned! Fun card!