Monday, August 8, 2016

HB to Excess

I read other blogs and maybe I even read yours! I notice quite a number of folks will show off a card and say, "I made this because my birthday/anniversary/get well/sympathy card stash was running low."

Mine never runs low because I rarely use the "generic" ones I made and have lying around. Whenever it is someone's birthday/get well/sympathy* I make a fresh card with them in mind.  Now, I don't always do that as sometimes those occasions sneak up on you so I have to quick like a bunny get a card from the stash, but usually I make a new card.
That means I end up with too many cards in my stash. Then I have to pile them up and parcel them out to those who can use them. Many go to the stamp club's sunshine lady and the rest go to a friend who works with the elderly (they still love their mail).

This is a fresh card I made with the idea of putting it into my stash and then using my stash. Then I realized it was so-and-so's birthday next weekend, so out in the mail it went. One of these days I'll use that stash. Just you wait and see!

* You'll notice I don't have an anniversary stash. That's because that's between you and your honey.

The Fine Print: Products by Stampin' Up "Vertical Greetings" and Fruity Fresh paper (I could be wrong on that name as it came from a friend). I just mailed out a big box of cards to lessen the stash but never fear, there are still cards in there for me to use or ignore as I see fit. 


Carol L said...

I like this one with the cute topiary and vertical sentiment! Sure to be welcomed by any recipient!

Bad Kitty said...

I always made cards for someone's birthday or some occasion.
I have stash of cards that I made but dont know what with them.
I even post on fb page that I will give them for hospital or some other organization but nobody want them.
your card is very nice.
lots of hugs!

SARN said...

I keep wondering if I NEED this SU set . . . and now look what you've gone and done . . . made a BEAUTIFUL card with it. Most definitely one of the best of seen made with that lovely topiary tree. Will have to pin it now for future reference!

Hugs, Sarn xxx

LesleyG said...

I too make for the occasion but also have a stash, which comes in very useful when busy or mojo less. I got this set because I needed / wanted for ages some vertical greetings, and haven't used it yet, but you have inspired with your neat card. Xxx

Maxine D said...

Princess J that is one pretty card - love it!! I too make cards for the occasion - about the only ones I have 'on hand' are sympathy ones... and I often will make one that I think 'fits' better.

Mrs A. said...

I like your thinking. Like the design and colours of this card too. Hugs Mrs A.

Squirrel x said...

Oh hun, you have just described my life - most of my stash has been created by DT cards and just-for-the-hell-of-it cards, and of course the ones that I will NEVER ever send to anyone, but it does mean we have rather a surplus ...... sigh - and I still miss peeps special days because I am old and decrepit now and need regular kicks up the butt. Love your stylish and classy card. Could do with some of those in the stash .... Huggles, Squirrel & The Very Bad Cat xxx

MaryH said...

Love the tropical colors & fruit designs behind this pretty topiary. And LOVE that vertical sentiment. I need to add some verticals to my stash. This is one cool design. TFS

Greta said...

Lucky recipient of this card--so beautiful! Glad it isn't lying around in the stash--haha!

butterfly said...

Oh so pretty - love those peachy blossoms in the background panel. As you know, I have no card stash at all (still baffled as to why I find cards so difficult to do - they just won't happen), but I agree about the anniversary thing - nobody's business but the anniversarees, surely!
Alison x

Bonnie said...

This is too pretty to sit in the stash! Good that you had a good use for it!