Thursday, August 18, 2016

Hair Today, Still Hair Tomorrow

If you're me, and you're not because I'm me but you know what I mean, when it comes to hair I pretty much ignore mine for months on end except for chopping off my bangs every few weeks because who wants to be mugged in the face by their own hair?
So when I do get something done to my hair it is usually pretty dramatic. Then as soon as I've done it, I regret it, but not for the reason you may be thinking. It's not the change in color, length or style; it's the fact that everybody and their mother has to comment on it forcing me into chit chat social niceties that I could do without (yes I cut, colored, or changed my hair why do we have to discuss it for the next 10 minutes?!).  Luckily, after a couple of days that all dies down and I can go back to my true misanthropic self.

Unless, of course you are me and for the purposes of this post we are pretending you are me (kinda dull huh?), then randomly for no reason some 4-5 months later everyone suddenly thinks you've done something to hair and starts the round of comments and conversations all over again.
That one really boggles me because nothing has changed.  Randomly, for no reason everyone I've run into this week has commented on my hair, but they do seem a bit perplexed as to what I've done differently to it. I'm perplexed too. I wonder what it's up to up there?!

The Fine Print: All products by Stampin' Up "Vertical Greetings" and other stuff.


cotnob said...

Pretty cards Judy, lovely blues on the first one.

Janeen said...

sometimes i wonder if i am you? your comments are after all, "so me". i am really liking the look of that second card. i have some windows that need using sent from a friend. they intimidate me and thus they remain buried, somewhere.

Bad Kitty said...

very nice card

Carol L said...

I like the vertical look of your cards, especially the first one with all those wavy vines. It reminds me of hair, but I have no idea where I got that from?! :D

Greta said...

You made me laugh, Judy! Just wish I could figure out what to do with my hair! Anyway--I really love these cards--gorgeous!

Maxine D said...

Hair - what's that??? Yup, know the feeling about it being commented on... Love your cards - the top one in particular.

SARN said...

I've liked every single card you've made with the SU set. These are neat. Good use of the die cut window too.

Can't comment on the hair foibles at your workplace. I have mine cut regularly so it never looks much different, hence NO-ONE ever comments . . . perhaps you should try that?

Hugs, Sarn xxx

SARN said...

PS: Mind you . . . I went au naturelle and stopped dying my hair ad while back and my NOW silver-coloured hair caught a few people out if they hadn't seen me for a while . . . that caused quite a stir! xxx

Bonnie said...

I have no idea what you've done to your hair, but I love what you've done with this stamp set on theses cards!