Saturday, August 6, 2016

Ridiculously Amazing

For today's entertainment I have a couple more long tri fold cards to show you. Plus I guess we can talk about my former roommate some more. I don't know why he used to have his house key on a shoelace around his neck. I mean I know that's what you do for your 5-year old latch key kid (back in the day when latch key kids existed) but I'm not sure why Barney continued it long into adulthood.

It seems like at some point in your life you would upgrade to a keyring in your pocket, especially if you are a guy since guys get such superior pockets. It seems if not a keyring than at least a lanyard.

Anyway, Barney not only had his house key on the shoelace but he had the key to the deadbolt lock he put on his bedroom door. I kid you not on that one too. He insisted on keeping his bedroom closed and deadbolted all the time, even when he was in the shower.

Barney showed me his room before I moved in and it was a typical young adult on his own bedroom furnished from Goodwill or the curbside and rather messy. There was no reason for the added security. No extensive stereo or ham radio equipment, no collectibles of any kind, no elaborate decor and certainly no torture chamber or women in chains.

Barney said, "You can never be too careful."  Yeah, dude, someone might break in and give you decent furniture or put your laundry away. You just never know.

The Fine Print: Club Scrap "Take Wing" 


Di said...

Gosh these are fabulous PJ! I adore the birds on a wire with the wonderful sentiment beside them!

And, you don't catch me out twice, I made sure I didn't have a mouthful of anything when I read this post!


Di xx

cotnob said...

Two super cards Judy, the first one is pretty and great sentiment on the second one.

Carol L said...

What a great set of cards again today! I never made long cards, so I'm fascinated with the great look of each one! I always keep my doors locked too - I guess I'm a product of watching too much tv news :)

Janeen said...

Anything with birds gets A+++ in my book. your stories amaze me. I think you missed your comedic calling. 🤗

SARN said...

I really love these cards PJ. They are wonderful . . . I really like the birds on a wire image too xxx

SARN said...

I really love these cards PJ. They are wonderful . . . I really like the birds on a wire image too xxx

Maxine D said...

Oh Princess J your cards are wonderful - and your story amusing, if not somewhat sad....

Bad Kitty said...

beautiful cards!

Greta said...

More pretty cards from that great kit!