Friday, August 5, 2016

Banana Rama

The title of this post has nothing to do with anything just in case you were the type to stay up late at night, pondering the meaning of my blog posts.* (Or maybe it does!) I used to work at an adult bookstore (no, really) and one day when I came up from the back (discreet rear entrance, you know) I ran into someone I know. He was a roommate of mine when I first moved out of the house. I have great stories to tell about him, but those stories were also the reason we weren't roommates for long.

Anyway, as you do when you run into someone you know when you are in a SOB (sexually oriented business) you ask them what they are doing there.  It turns out that he had just applied for the job opening we had at the place for counter clerk. He also told me about what had been going on in his life and it turns out all those stories just keep on continuing.

Once he took off on his bike with his button down shirt with tie, little black backpack, and his house key on a shoelace around his neck (I kid you not) I went in to see the shop owner. The conversation went like this:

Me: I know that guy you just interviewed.
Shop Owner: He was a live one.
Me: Yeah....
SO: So is he like a fat Morman?
Me: No. (laughing)
SO: And what's with that housekey?
Me: I dunno, he's always done that.
Me: I came to tell you not to hire him.
SO: Oh? Why?
Me: He's a raging homophobe.
SO: Oh! Yeah, that won't do here.

Seriously, if you think only straight people go to adult bookstores then you would be misguided in your belief. It's kind of too bad this is such a PG-rated blog. I have a great photo of him passed on in chair holding a very large rubber male organ replica. Wouldn't he be horrified to see that?! On a blog? In public?!
* If you are, may I kindly suggest you get a life

The Fine Print: Just a bunch of trifold cards I made from yet another Club Scrap kit "Take Wing" See, nothing has anything to do with anything around here. TGIF. By the way, my former roomie wasn't on the list of people to consider for hiring anyway.


Di said...

Thanks PJ! I just spat cola all over the screen here and than had to run to the bathroom as well. Too funny and too true at times. LOVE your rescue work though - well done. Now get your *ss over here and do my cleaning up kiddo!!


Di xx

Carol L said...

oh these blues and greens are looking so good together and I just love that feather! Love that criss-cross stamping work on the 3rd card too - but they're all great! You are one of the funniest story tellers I know in blogland - I can almost visualize the mental picture you've put in our minds! LOL

Maxine D said...

love your cards Princess J - and your back story was entertaining too!

SARN said...

Hee hee hee . . . chuckling at your blog post and also at Di's reaction to it! Don't worry . . . I'll go round and mop her up for you, like friends do!

And adult bookstore eh? The life you've led . . . I am fascinated!

I LOVE all the cards you're showing here. The shape is great as is everything else about them.

Happy Saturday!

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Bad Kitty said...

wonderful cards!
have a nice day

Greta said...

Beautiful cards--must be a great kit! Glad you're making use of it!