Thursday, August 4, 2016

Blow Me Over with a Feather

I had some feathered themed card toppers to play with the other day. For this first card I was bound and determined to use some washi tape on it. I wasn't particularly taken with how it came out.
this second card made me lots happier though. That middle layer of red is red vellum, the ribbon is a bit iridescent, and the blue layer behind the greeting is shimmery. Overall it is a large card as well.
That's my experience with feather toppers. Hubby's experience was with a real feather--a hawk feather he found outside.  He admired it and brought it into the house, putting up on a high shelf for safe keeping. In the morning it was on the floor and had been licked, drooled on, and nibbled to death. Can imagine what was going on in the cats' minds? "Look at me, big game hunter. I took down a whole hawk all by myself."

The Fine Print: Toppers and most parts from Club Scrap "Take Wing."


Carol L said...

The feathers look so cool, and I'm especially fond of the 1st card. I love the added color to the bottom of the feather and the edges of the main panel. Fun story about your big game hunter cats :)

Greta said...

The second one is my favorite, too--such a pretty background! Funny kitty story!

Maxine D said...

Gorgeous cards Princess J - certainly love the black feather on the light background, and the second one must be really sparkly IRL.
Of course your cats are big game hunters!! They just do it in secret and this is the first time they have slipped up and let you know :-)

SARN said...

Oops, i bet the cats were in the dog house, so to speak!

Brilliant feather cards . . . You've inspired me to play with some feather Stamps later today. Thanks x

Janeen said...

I like that top card also. Snort, cough, gasp, laugh. Such a picture of the felines OMG.

cotnob said...

Fabulous cards Judy.

Bad Kitty said...

beautiful cards!
lots of hugs